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Funding Body:

Science and Industry Endowment Fund


John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarships

Research Areas:

Sciences & Engineering


Postgraduate Research


The 2013 SIEF Scholarships program includes funding for up to four John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarships (top-up), or 2 full Scholarships, commencing in 2013 over a three year period with preference for research in the 2013 priority research areas and/or the fields of information and communication technology (ICT), mathematics and engineering. The program has the desired outcomes of encouraging return to study, promoting industry collaboration and valuing industry experience. The program encourages potential international collaboration.

In 2013 the priority research areas are:

  • Astronomy / Astrophysics;
  • Combinatorial Materials Science;
  • Environmental Informatics;
  • Exploration Geoscience;
  • Genomics / Epigenomics; and
  • Mathematics and Network Science.

In 2013, projects are encouraged with strong industry involvement through a mechanism such as a ‘cadetship’ and/or the recipient scholar having 1-2 years work experience in the relevant industry. The intent is to provide an additional financial incentive to high calibre candidates with industry experience and/or involvement to undertake a PhD in their field of experience. As such, Supervisors should submit an application in which a candidate student has already been identified. The SIEF John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarships will also act as a mechanism for international collaboration and, as such, the intent is to provide some flexibility to allow the funds to be expended on activities that support co-location of the scholar.  Please note that these scholarships require cash/or in-kind contributions from the Lead Organisation and Collaborating Organisation.


The student must have first class honours or equivalent in a relevant research area prior to the commencement of the scholarship and/or provide evidence of relevant industry experience.  The student must enroll in a full-time PhD prior to 27 June 2013.

Amount awarded:

Scholarships available may include top-up scholarships ($7,000 Student stipend and $10,000 operating) where the student also is in receipt of an APA or equivalent scholarship; or full scholarships ($32,000 pa). A combination of full and top-up scholarships may be offered; the ratio of full to top-up scholarships will depend on the quality of the applications each year and the available funds.

Application guide:

Please see the SIEF website at for further information on these scholarships.

Please note that these scholarships require cash/or in-kind contributions from the Lead Organisation and Collaborating Organisation.  The applicant and their Supervisor must organise these contributions and get Section D and Section E signed off before submitting the completed application to the Scholarships Office.

Strategic Assistance

Dr Andrew Black, Director Research Development and Dr Anders Hallgren, Director Sydnovate are both available to provide Supervisors strategic advice relating to submission of a competitive application.  Details below:

Dr Andrew Black –

Dr Anders Hallgren –


The completed application must be submitted to the Scholarships Office by Friday, 26 October 2012 (email to  The application cannot be submitted directly to SIEF by the applicant.

Closing date:

26 October 2012