Scholarship details

Funding Body:

The Wenkart Foundation


Wenkart Foundation Grants

Research Areas:

Health Sciences


Postgraduate Research


These grants are for research in clinical, biomedical and health related clinical sciences.   


Applicants must be full-time students and Australian permanent residents or undergraduates educated in Australia and intending to reside in Australia.  Please note that these grants are generally not awarded to applicants over 30 years of age.

Amount awarded:

The funding will depend on the expenses of the project, and grants are made for periods of up to two years. 

Application guide:

The application document can be downloaded from the link below.

Send the original application plus six copies to Research Scholarships, Scholarships Office, Level 5 Jane Foss Russell Building G02, The University of Sydney NSW 2006 (Ph: 02-8627 8112). As per their requirements we will in turn forward the applications to the Wenkart Foundation.

If you have a query about these awards please contact either Christine Wenkart (Email: or Jocelyn Compacion (Email:



Closing date:

24 June 2013