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Funding Body:

Arthritis Australia

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Arthritis Australia Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Research Areas:

Health Sciences


Postgraduate Research


Arthritis Australia offers scholarships for young science and medical graduates to undertake thesis studies into arthritis and related disorders at recognized universities.  These scholarships provide research training to doctorate or masters level and are designed to develop the intellectual and technical expertise required for a career involving laboratory and clinical investigation.  Scholarships are intended, in general, to support basic and clinical research training within Australian research units and as a precursor to more advanced study in Australia and overseas.


Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Application guide:

Guidelines and the application form can be downloaded from the Arthritis Australia website at


Additional Information


Question 7:  Administering Institution

Ms Lara Fourro, Scholarships Office, Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building, G02, The University of Sydney NSW 2006


Question 9:  Certification

The Head/Nominee of Administering Institution will be Ms Jordi Austin, Director, Student Support Services.  The Scholarships Office will arrange for Ms Austin’s signature.

The Verification by Research Administrative Officer will be signed by Ms Lara Fourro, Scholarships Office.


Submission instructions

Please submit the following to the Scholarships Office, Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building, by Friday 28 June 2013

Hard copy:  submit one hard copy of your application with original signatures

Electronic copy:  email to

Closing date:

28 June 2013