Scholarship details

Funding Body:

Spinal Cord Injury Network


Spinal Cord Injury Network PhD Scholarship for Spinal Cord Injury Research

Research Areas:

Health Sciences; Sciences & Engineering


Postgraduate Research


The Spinal Cord Injury Network is offering a PhD Scholarship as part of their Spinal Cord Injury Research Grants Program to support research and development in the field of spinal cord injury. The Program is designed to promote and extend excellence in research and skills development.

The PhD Scholarship is designed to attract qualified and promising medical researchers, medical graduates, biological science graduates and scientists, nurses and other health professionals at an early stage in their research career, and to give them the opportunity to undertake a PhD in the area of spinal cord injury research.


Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand.  Applicants should have an Honours 1 or 2A degree or equivalent.

Amount awarded:

The stipend is valued at $25,000 pa for up to 3 years for full-time research.  Please note that though the Network allows a part-time scholarship, the University will only approve a part-time stipend if the part-time enrolment is due to an ongoing medical condition, or heavy carer commitments (e.g. primary carer for a baby or young child).

Application guide:

The funding guidelines and application form are available from

Closing date:

15 December 2013