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Funding Body:

The University of Sydney


A longitudinal study evaluation the impact of unoperated cataract in Australia – the FOCUS study

Research Areas:

Health Sciences


Postgraduate Research


Falls are a leading cause of death and disability in older people and vision loss dramatically increases the risk of falls.  A fall often leads to loss of confidence, admission to nursing homes and can precipitate a rapid decline in health status.  The National Health and Medical Research Council funded The FOCUS Study (2013-2015) to evaluate falls risk in older people with cataract and this work is being extended to investigate routine and expedited surgery within NSW.  Optimal refractive and surgical management of cataract is not known.  Through the FOCUS study, The George Institute for Global Health aims to translate evidence gathered to guide resource allocation for surgical services and best practice refractive care for older people with cataract.   This PhD scholarship will involve collection of primary data for this second phase of research, linkage of health records and economic analyses of the impact of delays in cataract surgery.


Applicants should hold an appropriate Honours 1 or high 2A (or equivalent) undergraduate degree in related discipline.  Professional experience in optometry, orthoptics or other health disciplines in the fields of aged care or eye care are an advantage.  Applicants must be Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or New Zealand citizens.


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Students are encouraged to apply for competitive scholarship

Application guide:

Contact Lisa Keay for further details on how to apply

Closing date:

31 January 2017